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Rod Skellet
Sue and I were class mates at Barker in 1980. A great swimmer, hockey player and all round top lady. I ran into her almost literally in a triathlon in Royal National Park. She was using it as a means to get fitter for climbing.Over the years we occasionally bumped into each other and each time she had a more remarkable story to tell in her typical understated manner. She was truly a inspirational woman and a great loss to Australia. Any Australian female or male would do well using Sue as their role model. Well done Sue. You are inspirational and you will never be forgotten.
Robin Collins
I first heard of Sue through my partner’s tales of a trek she had done in Pakistan with her. I first met her in person when I was a client on a trip to Kamchatka (Eastern Russia). She was impressive in her handling of the many problems that arose travelling in an area that was not set up to handle foreign visitors. It seemed to me she lived her life with an honesty and positiveness that is very rare. She was a formidable negotiator yet seemed to keep people’s good-will even after she had made a good deal for her group. I was sad to lose a good person to the mountains that we loved.
Fiona Lotterny
sunshine coast
i am amazingly inspired of her achievements. i wish i could be just like she was.
John W
Rest in Peace, Sue, you had a wonderful life while you were here.
I'm Sue's climbing partner's Tuula Nousiainen daughter. Sue and my mom were together in 1998 September at Cho Oyu and they summittedit together. I'm terribly sorry to learn how she died. Tuula Nousiainen died already in 2004 in her home. I just managed now, after almost 8 years to go through her writings about the climbing and to watch again the pictures and just created the remembering facebook-site to Tuula. The picture I have when my mom in on th etop of Cho Oyu is figuring Sue as well. And my mom wrote about Sue that "she is a great sister in this trip and together we ar ea good team".
My best regards,
Kirsi Nousiainen
Brad Atwal
Coffs Harbour
I often think about Sue. We shared many good times - and cab rides home, sneaking in that last beer, after slide shows! She instilled so much confidence in me when i started at World. Sadly, i remember exactly where i was when I read that she had passed. I thought she would come back, just like Lincoln did. She didn't. Sue was unique, a straight shooter, the last of a kind. I feel so blessed to have been able to have worked with her and have become her friend. I miss you Sue - bless you.
Lance Chia
I miss you Sue, and think of you often. You were a great mate and I'm proud to have been your friend. Remember 'The Rum Doodle'.
Max Horvath
Sale, Victoria
I met Sue and spoke with her just after her Everest summit at an info night in Traralgon. I was hugely inspired by her spirit and love of life... So much so, I took a new direction in my life taking (and still do) on a vastly more adventurous path participating in a variety of activities that have me leading a fulfilled life. Thank you Sue, cheers to your memory, Max
Amy Barley
St Peters
I was not aware of Sue or her achievements until today, but I am eternally inspired. What a beautiful human!
i am doing a research project on her
It's three years since your last climb and since we've heard your husky voice.You are always in my heart, my thoughts and my day. Loved and missed...Sashe
Joanne Diver
Sue often signed, There is no boundaries on what you can do - Go and climb your Mt Everest! While we strive to achieve our own goals, I’m reminded of the powerhouse that was Sue. Her legacy lives on through her family, friends and the foundations supporting the endeavours she so generously supported. Sue’s friendship, generosity of spirit and loyalty are legendary amongst her friends. We miss you!
margaret Gee
Sue Fear was one of the most spirited, engaging women I have ever met. She was also very warm-hearted, humourous
and dedicated to seeing others and the world - selflessly - very muchbeyond herself.
Greatly missed. Margaret Gee
luv u aunty sue will never forget u!!!!
Grahame Fear
Sue was truly an inspiration and our family was very proud of her amazing achievments.

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