Our Memorial trip

In November 2008 family & friends laid a plaque in memory of Sue in Nepal which overlooks Mt Manaslu, the mountain where she fell. It now lays on a hilltop above the highland town of Bandipur.

Mt Manaslu is in a remote region of Nepal near the Tibet border, with many days trek to get to the mountain base it was therefore decided by us that a more accessible site was to be chosen for future ease of access for both us and others. After consultation with local Nepalese friends, Bandipur was chosen as the site, a small picturequese hiiside town just a few kilometres off the main road to Pokhara via Dumre. It was appropriate spot as it had a serene quietness about the village and breathtaking views of Mt Manaslu.

The plaque faces the mounatain and is nestle on a small hill just above the town.


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