Dhading, Nepal is the site for the new FHF Eye clinic named in honour of Sue. After several delays and the generous offer to move the clinic to a better site contruction is under way.

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In May 2003, Sue reached the Summit of Everest from the North side and became the first Australian female to climb Everest  from this side

Many mountaineers like Sue are a avid photographers, as you can see by her photos




Sue's 5th 8000 metre peak and last climb was Mt Manaslu, it is well documented that she fell into a crevasse after summited the mountain, several hundred metres below the peak. Her Sherpa and friend Bishnu tried in vain to pull her out ,as she was unconsious and then she tragically fell further into the crevasse after the sides gave way.



Our Memorial trip

In November 2008 family & friends laid a plaque in memory of Sue in Nepal which overlooks Mt Manaslu, the mountain where she fell. It now lays on a hilltop above the highland town of Bandipur.

Mt Manaslu is in a remote region of Nepal near the Tibet border, with many days trek to get to the mountain base it was therefore decided by us that a more accessible site was to be chosen for future ease of access for both us and others. After consultation with local Nepalese friends, Bandipur was chosen as the site, a small picturequese hiiside town just a few kilometres off the main road to Pokhara via Dumre. It was appropriate spot as it had a serene quietness about the village and breathtaking views of Mt Manaslu.